Freedom of Information Act could oust Obama’s top officials; secret emails revealed!

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If you work in Washington DC for the President, what’s the best way to filter out junk mail and non-top-priority emails from your affairs? Create a secret email account. Sounds simple and seems legitimate, but is it? We’ve seen top officials in the Government get into all kinds of trouble, from tweeting pictures their genitals to college teenage girls to cheating on their wives during luxury vacations and sending emails to their friends, and then getting busted. Federal “open” records laws just seem to get in the way of politicians infidelity and partying ways, so what’s the solution?

The Associated Press could reveal some of these inner workings of dirty politicians, but now that Obama has all of their personal info and records, maybe they’re scared to act on it, after all, nobody wants the IRS banging down their front door with a swat team at gunpoint and demanding they’re medical records while taking their children away to CPS during the investigation. That’s always disconcerting. Plus, if they find unregistered automatic weapons or clips with more than 10 bullets, well, that might mean jail time.

You see, whatever the politicians are doing that is unethical, immoral, crooked, unpatriotic, treason-like, or whatever, that is what they will accuse the general public of doing, in order to keep everyone on their heels, so they won’t be accused and suspected themselves. That is what liars do best. They accuse innocents of what they are doing, and press for investigation and loss of rights. Politicians NEED secret emails, for their secret lives, for their second family that their wife doesn’t know about, for their prostitutes, for the gambling, for the hedge funds, for their insider trading violations with their investments, for their talk about how they eat organic and would NEVER eat GMO, and for any conversation they don’t want NSA prism to record, reveal, and print for the alternative media to make known.

Criminals have patterns. Over time, most repeat offenders start to think that they are so smart, and that they have everyone fooled, that they get careless, and their “standard” actions are not being watched, or that their secret life doesn’t leave clues, a trail of bread crumbs, so to speak, and eventually, they all get caught.


Find out more about the Freedom of Information Act and what it can do to expose the biggest crooks of all time!
“Under the law, citizens and foreigners may use the FOIA to compel the government to turn over copies of federal records for zero or little cost. Anyone who seeks information through the law is generally supposed to get it unless disclosure would hurt national security, violate personal privacy or expose business secrets or confidential decision-making in certain areas.”
“Some of President Barack Obama’s political appointees, including the Cabinet secretary for the Health and Human Services Department, are using secret government email accounts they say are necessary to prevent their inboxes from being overwhelmed with unwanted messages, according to a review by The Associated Press.”

“Now is not the time to allow Congress to once again fade into the shadows of responsibility and slink away unnoticed; any who do should be replaced at the earliest election.”

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