Governments become more reckless in terms of healthcare, general people feeling the heat

vaccines deadly
Governments across the globe are becoming more and more reckless in healthcare related issues. Natural News reports that a new law in California known as the Assembly Bill 499 has already been passed in order make vaccination of children against parental consent perfectly legal. With people becoming more and more aware of the ill effects of the vaccines, pharmaceutical companies were in a dire need of a regulation that would help them push their products in the market. This new law is certainly designed to exactly serve that purpose by ruling out the necessity of parental consent in vaccination. Know more on this at .

From the United States to Europe, national governments are playing an increasingly ruthless role in healthcare related issues. It is now being reported that the Belgian Parliament is all set to legalize the euthanasia of autistic children, that also bypassing the consent from their parents. Autism in children most of the time originates from the excessive use of toxic vaccines and now the Belgian government is trying to find a way to get rid of the misdeeds done by the pharmaceutical companies. More of the story is reported at ,

The pharmaceutical industry that has caused havoc on human life is gradually growing in dimension and gathering partners. Natural News reports that Microsoft Corporation has entered into a deal with Merck to purchase eugenics vaccines that would help in reducing the world population to a large extent by introducing infertility inducing elements in human body. Reducing global population by 10 to 15 percent using vaccines is the admitted manifesto of Microsoft and it seems that it is marching forward with its program. Apart from this, recent reports reveal that the U.S. government has also funded research for bio weapons equipped with deadly flu strains, a new concern for humanity. If you want to more on this report, visit .


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