The King Amendment for Farm Bill allows the “King” (Obama) chance to deny U.S. states from labeling of GMO

crop duster toxin

A so called “rider” to the Farm Bill now allows a loophole for Federal Government to use against U.S. States that want to label GMO’s, saying they will need some special permit to even write legislation, but the Constitution says something different, and so do the all the people of the U.S. who don’t want cancer and know where it comes from. You see, cancer is for sale at the store, and it’s 50% off! Guess it’s some kind of long term special (corn syrup subsidy). The idiots in Congress, Republican and Democrat, again voted for more GMO pollution (Biotech payoffs), and more GMO monopoly of the Food Industry.

You can view a list of the Congressional traitors that voted against S.AMDT.965 here:

This time it’s a loss and a gain, kind of like when California lost Proposition 37, even though the voting numbers said no, the country woke up a little, the sleeping tiger, and starting growling. Just look at how many came out to the worldwide March Against Monsanto! A lot of people heard about the Monsanto fraud in California over “37” and then when they tuned into more about GMO after that, by the time the March came to their city they decided to go out and be seen, heard, or join the forces of Nutrition.

This Farm Bill Rider can still be denied. Although States always have the rights to protect their citizens from a rogue government that’s obviously paid off by lobbyists from Biotech Industry, States need to keep their rights in the forefront of news and food safety, especially. Mike Adams and InfoWars do a great job of covering these topics that can change daily, but the philosophy is the same: Protect your right to eat organic, untainted food and find natural remedies for ailments, disorders, or disease. Mankind was not meant to consume plants that contain bug killer and weed killer. Common sense is driving the food revolution, and it’s about time.

People like Ron Paul and Rand Paul have a great track record of standing up for food freedom and personal freedom, as expressly written out in our Constitution. It’s important to stay tuned, so you know the tricks and illegal infringement to feds attempt to use against the masses, to sell them toxic food, water, skin care, and medicine so that Big Pharma can get Bigger, and so that when the financial apocalypse hits, they will have the fortunes “tucked away.” Don’t let the crooks poison you and your family. Pay attention to everything you buy, and help make the push for LABELING OR BANNING GMO a reality in your state!

Natural News covers this well: “The “King Amendment,” an ominous Farm Bill rider that specifically seeks to strip individual states of their ability to regulate food and other consumer goods.”

Contact your Congressional representatives and urge them to reject both amendments and riders to the Farm Bill that destroy sovereignty and food freedom, and urge support for those that strengthen food freedom and environmental protections. has a helpful list of talking points you can use when contacting your Congressmen:


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