Tap Water makes you FAT! Your government is sinister and puts fluoride in your water for MANY reasons

How could it be? Isn’t anyone who says the government is creating disease a conspiracy theorist? How could the government be importing a known toxin from China and putting it in the water, claiming they are helping your teeth? Since when does the government of the USA care about anyone’s health? Think about it, the FDA and Monsanto work together to feed the world GMO pesticide laden corn, soy and canola. The Fast food companies are heavily invested in healthcare, and the major healthcare companies invest in cancer care chemicals and radiation equipment. On top of all that, water makes you fat, diseased, retarded and zombified, if you drink it from the tap. Don’t believe me? There are scientists who actually have morals and ethics and care about people and their health and welfare, and they are screaming the truth about fluoride in water. There may actually be ZERO benefits and only severe health consequences to this criminal action of putting a known pesticide/insecticide in drinking water.

Millions of Americans turning to REVERSE OSMOSIS for drinkable water:

What is reverse osmosis? http://chemistry.about.com/od/waterchemistry/a/reverseosmosis.htm

Diffusion is the movement of molecules from a region of higher concentration to a region of lower concentration. Osmosis is a special case of diffusion in which the molecules are water and the concentration gradient occurs across a semipermeable membrane. The semipermeable membrane allows the passage of water, but not ions (e.g., Na+, Ca2+, Cl-) or larger molecules (e.g., glucose, urea, bacteria).
• Activated Alumina Defluoridation Filter
These filters are used in locales where fluorosis is prevalent. They are relatively expensive (lowest price I saw was $30/filter)

• Distillation Filtration
There are commercially available distillation filters that can be purchased to remove fluoride from water. Note: ‘distilled water’ does not imply that a product is suitable for drinking water and other undesirable impurities may be present.
The following Do NOT Remove Fluoride:
• Brita, Pur, and most other filters.

• Boiling Water
This will concentrate the fluoride rather than reduce it!
• Freezing Water
Freezing water does not affect the concentration of fluoride.
Steps to Reduce Fluoride Exposure:
• Don’t take fluoride supplements.
• Read labels on bottled beverages.
Unless they are made using distilled or reverse-osmosis water, they are probably made with fluoridated public water.
• Consider using unfluoridated toothpaste.
Watch this free film on the DANGERS of fluoride in water:

“FLUORIDEGATE the movie is a new documentary film that reveals the tragedy of how the United States government, industry, and trade associations protect and promote a policy known to cause harm to our country and especially small children, who suffer more than any other segment of the population. While the basis of their motivation remains uncertain, the outcome is crystal clear: it is destroying our nation.”



“Tamarind – Detoxifies fluoride from the body. Enjoy several cups of the tea each day.

Nascent Iodine – Protects the thyroid from damage and removes sodium fluoride through the urine.

Infrared Sauna – A staple in any detoxification protocol, a dry sauna session assists the body in excreting fluoride from fatty tissues. Always remember to drink plenty of purified water to further sweep toxins from the system.


Dr. J. William Hirzy, vice president of the Union of Scientists and Professionals, asserts:

” . . . we hold that fluoridation is an unreasonable risk. The toxicity of fluoride is so great and the purported benefits are so small – if there are any at all – that requiring every man, woman and child in America to ingest it borders on criminal behavior on the part of governments.”

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The Tracer Gas debacle by the NYPD Department

According to Natural News, the New York Police Department (NYPD) in association with the Brookhaven National Laboratory in Long Island carried out an attack drill on the morning commuters of New York’s subway to find out how a future chemical attack by terrorists can harm the people. They pumped tracer gases such as per fluorocarbons to find out its affect on the commuters. As per the NYPD these gases are harmless. But reports collected over the years say otherwise. As per the records these tracer gases can create respiratory issues, severe lung injury and other serious diseases. Surprisingly this routine drill that was carried out was done at the form of a federal grant that was actually a part of the tax payer’s money. The total amount granted was $3.4 million. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly told the media that “there was no specific event” and it was an “overall plan to help protect the city.”
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New York Mayor has recently voiced out his opinion that the Constitution needs to be amended in order to ensure better safety for its citizen. He said this after the Boston Marathon bombing. He also cited examples 9/11 and said how we all live in a dangerous world where safety of the people is decreasing by the day. He also applauded the Supreme Court saying that the possession of gun law had to be amended in order to maintain safety and security. Referring to the Sandy Hook incident he said that it was essential to ensure and safety at areas where people visited often like parks, museums, sporting events and so on.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/040066_bloomberg_constitution_interpretation.html
Western medicine instead of recovering people are putting chemicals and other elements on the food so that people instead of living a healthy life should suffer from diseases which they will again claim to rectify with the help of another chemical medicine. And all this is done behind closed doors with the help of scientists and medicine producing giants.
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You can’t wash off GMO; 20 years of eating pesticide in America

According to Natural News, glyphosate, one of the most commonly used pesticides in the world is in reality more harmful than beneficial. Although it is declared safe to be consumed, in reality it leads to miscarriages, behavioral disorders, reproductive damage, cancer and even death. Currently marketed by Monsanto-owned brand Roundup, no authorizing agencies, including U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), highlights its negative effect on the human civilization. But the truth is revealed in a 2004 paper published in the Journal of Pesticide Reform, which highlights many secrets that have never seen the light of day.
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Most of the farmers in the Corn producing states watch in dismay as their cultivation gets destroyed due to the attack of the rootworm beetles that solely feed on these corns. In spite of using Roundup ready crop “toxins” are unsuccessful in controlling this attack. As a result the farmers are considering the notion where they will return back to the old methods of pest control by shifting between corn and soybean cultivation, simply because these beetles die in soybean fields as their main food is solely corn.
Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/033504_GMO_corn_rootworms.html

Most people are unaware of this incident and hence are consuming corn as part of their regular meal. Out of them many have developed Cancer but are unaware of the reason. Majority are under the impression that once you wash the food and cook it well the toxins are taken care off. But sadly it is not so. They remain in the food and millions of people are consuming them, completely unaware and exposing themselves to the dangers of this pesticide.

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EU Free Trade Issue – If accepted will be a major failure of the Obama Government.

According to Natural News, Barrack Obama is continuously going back on his promises that he had made to protect the environment and protect the public against the manipulative corporate interests. But his two new EU agreements seem to defy what he has promised. These two agreements are not only allowing the big corporate houses to over throw the rule of law in U.S. but also enforcing the use of GMOs in both the EU as well as elsewhere in spite of being largely prohibited in most of the places. The U.S.-EU Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTP) are the two agreements that are in question. If implemented, they will give the big private companies the freedom to dictate the agricultural community which is not only alarming but also dangerous.
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As rightly pointed out by Michael Shank from U.S. News & World Report, Obama was against all these when he was campaigning for the highest office in U.S. But he seems to have forgotten all this and is promoting these agreements that will do more harm to the environment and the agricultural society than we can ever imagine.
The entire agricultural community will come under the dictate of the Private Sector who will not only control them but will also control the financial sector and the government will not be able to do anything except stand as a bystander watching all that is going by. Foreign corporations operating within the country will control the legal and regulatory rulings of the country as well as the tribunal in the international level.
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SCIENCE.naturalnews.com launched – a portal to millions of studies on nutritional cures, toxic chemicals, drug side effects and more

SCIENCE.naturalnews.com launched – a portal to millions of studies on nutritional cures, toxic chemicals, drug side effects and more

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• Does chlorella fight cancer?
• Has aspartame been scientifically studied for side effects?
• Does curcumin treat arthritis?
• Is the Mediterranean Diet supported by science?
• Are statin drugs dangerous?
• What is the link between vaccines and autism?
• What are the side effects of arsenic exposure?
• What are the side effects of drinking processed milk?
• Are food ingredients safe?
• What scientific literature supports the benefits of superfoods?
• How dangerous is chemotherapy?

All these questions — and many more — can be easily answered at SCIENCE.naturalnews.com.

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Atlanta Cops and their aggressive way of controlling drunken driving incidents!

According to Natural News, the Gwinnett County Police Department (GCPD) in Georgia is following a new policy where they can arrest anyone who is suspected of drunken driving. But that’s not all, if anyone refuses to go for the breathalyzer test they can inject a needle and draw blood for blood tests in order to confirm that the driver was drunk when driving. As per FOX 5 News in Atlanta, the GCPD officials have already started applying it. The drivers are arrested and taken to the police station where they are strapped down like wild animals, then forced blood draws are conducted on them against their will.
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This is quite a serious issue as the officers can arrest anyone on the ground that they were drunk while driving. The suspects are not allowed to give up their license if they refuse the test rather they are dragged to the police station where the blood is drawn against the suspects will. Gwinnett County is apparently following Fourth Amendment-trashing policy which was initially adopted by the Douglas County.
But Douglas County Sheriff Phil Miller disagrees, saying that the practice is justified and that the forced blood draws are the “best way” to find out whether the driver is drunk or not. Forget any and all presumption of innocence — the new American police state is of the opinion that they have the right to forcibly carry out the test on you by detaining you if your refuse to undergo the breathalyzer test. And Sheriffs like Miller are encouraging the other police department to resort to this measure in order to cut down the cases of drunken driving.
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Junk science food addiction for school kids is so bad they would rather starve than eat healthy

How do you flush $3.2 Billion Dollars down the toilet in New York? It’s easy; just take away the kids junk food at school, including the pink slime, the hormone laden milk, the GMO corn chips and the diet soda, and then serve them TINY portions of healthy food only. It works in Illinois also! Yay for Michelle Obama and her husband, the GMO King of Monsanto Pesticide Food Country. School systems are screaming mad because the kids just can’t go all day without eating, and who wants to eat anything healthy after you’ve been fed MSG and Aspartame all day every day your whole life? What obese children on the brink of diabetes can just drop all that genetically modified, lab made junk food in a moment’s notice and try to eat some vegetables? This is unheard of!

No wonder children are starving! No wonder they can’t concentrate in school! Bring back the twinkies, they yell! Bring back the ho-ho’s. More vending machines in the hallways, filled with pesticide pretzels and bug-killing corn sugar candy bars.

And get those kids off the regular soda and get them all drinking the cancer causing diet junk again! Go Bloomberg, Obama’s right hand sellout man in New York!

According to Natural News: “A $3.2 billion public school lunch scheme devised by Michelle Obama has been axed from at least one public school system in New York after students forced to eat according to the new standards were literally starving.”

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Junk science, or the study of addicting, nutrient void food, is a billion dollar business, with scientists in labs discovering new ways to keep people addicted to junk food, and fast food, and GMO food. Scientists are hard at work for biotechnology firms, via the FDA, CDC and EPA grants and studies, discovering new ways to test out animal proteins, and toxic food colorings, and herbicides that kill weeds to make more crop yield.

Fake research and altered results of research are surfacing all the time to trick people into thinking organic food is no different than conventional and GMO toxic food, if you can even call it food anymore. Organic food is sustainable, provides energy, immunity, and cures just about every disease known to mankind. If children could give it a chance long enough that their tastebuds would actually recover from the onslaught of MSG, artificial flavorings, and artificial sweeteners, they would remember and realize that organic food actually tastes wonderful, is filling, and doesn’t make them fat and lazy, and doesn’t lead to all kinds of disorders and disease. Sign the anti-junk-science petition. Support organic food and organic farmers. Shop at your local farmers markets and check out the natural news store on line!

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