You can sue the NSA for breaching your privacy! Contact Rand Paul!

As it is a known fact that NSA are illegally spying on millions of innocent Americans with the help of email surveillance process and also massive phone survey procedures, and it nowadays seems to be an unstoppable breach of privacy. As this is increasing with every possible day, people must find out some ways through which one can easily hold the new government responsible for such works. What are the ways to hold the NSA in check? According to Natural News, it’s time to re-open the Constitution once again and check the previously mentioned rules and principles, for an effective result. It’s now high time to sue the NSA for its illegal spying procedures. For this measure, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is inviting every American to join his forces and work against the NSA.
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Certain elected leaders along with the President, are now saying that it is the ultimate necessity to spy on people for some security reasons and therefore Americans must give up their privacy if they want to live a safe and secured life. Maximum American citizens are now growing more wary because of such claims. The justification given by Obama is quite similar to the previous President when the signing the Patriot Act provided the government with the power to wiretap even without any warranty notice beforehand. Now, according to Natural News, people are seeing their right through such gamers, as the government gains more and more centralized power. Thus, now, it feels that the government is acting like no less than a terrorist by taking away the liberties of the civilians.
In order to free one’s own self from such negativities, it is vital to take the help of reputed and renowned lawyers like Rand Paul and other advocates.
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