California prisons “weeding out undesirables” with illegal sterilization surgery performed on female inmates

prison surgery
Yes indeed, eugenics is still alive and well in America, and the Nazis must be running the prison systems in California, the other “sunshine” state, where prisoners are being made infertile so they won’t breed any more of those “bad seeds.” So then why don’t we just go ahead and castrate all rapists, cut the hands off of all thieves, lobotomize everyone who thinks evil thoughts, ever, and sew up the mouths of all the politicians who lie in court? Sounds fair enough, if the prisons can perform their Nazi eugenic ceremonies on women who may only be in prison for stealing, or lying, or maybe some who are innocent but got framed by a crooked system. Maybe some of those women got caught smoking the gateway drug, marijuana, and they got ten years in federal prison, and now they can never have another child. God bless America. Get those “violent” criminals off the streets and don’t let them reproduce! This is the mentality of many Americans, who believe our justice system is appropriate, with liberty for all, except those who steal something or get in a fight in a bar.

Natural News is reporting on this latest atrocity in the “legal system” of California, where inmates are abused regularly: “Under compulsory sterilization laws [in California] and in 31 other states, minority groups, the poor, the disabled, the mentally ill and criminals were singled out as inferior and sterilized to prevent them from spreading their genes,”

Read the full report from the Center for Investigative Reporting and learn how to report crimes in prisons that are “performed” by the staff!

See all the similarities between the U.S. prisons, psychology wards, forced vaccination programs going on in schools, and other horrendous medical procedures that are allowed here just like Hitler used on the Jews in the Holocaust. You won’t believe your eyes when you see what the U.S. is capable of today, in 2013!
Download this free report from the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, the King of Natural News reporting:

“Adolph Hitler’s rise to power in Germany and corresponding efforts to ethnically cleanse not only his own country but the entire world of those he deemed as “undesirables” is generally recognized as one of the most horrific mass genocides in history. But according to some historians, Hitler’s maniacal playbook to create what he believed would be a perfect and superior race was largely derived from American eugenicists who were pushing their own ethnic cleansing agendas long before Hitler was even born.”

Learn more:


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