Shocking Pictures that expose the Violation of Food Safety Rules by Golden Corral Restaurant

According to Natural News, the shocking photos posted on the internet shows how Golden Corral Restaurant has filthy dishes stacked with waste food litter almost everywhere. And what is really shocking is this food will again be served to the hungry customers waiting in the restaurant. The photos posted on the internet also show the employees are walking over the food lying on the ground. The employees are seen wearing the restaurant dress while doing their daily work in the kitchen. These photos are posted by a guy who claims to be the employee of the same restaurant.
He has also posted a video in YouTube which shows how food is stacked in the dumpster surrounded by flies while the restaurant is undergoing inspection. Once the inspection is done, the food will be brought back and used in their different preparations. All these photos and the video is uploaded by Brandon Huber who claims to be an employee of this restaurant.
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The pictures and the video posted throws light on the actual condition prevailing inside the restaurant. The baby back ribs, meat patties, sauces and ketchups are all stored in the open with flies flying all around them. More shocking is the way how these items are placed in the dumpster with the hydraulic cables in the background which are connected to the trash compactor!
But the question that hangs in the air is “is this how Golden Corral restaurants are managed every where? Or is it that this branch is managed by incompetent people who hardly follow the food safety laws and regulations?
Another important question is will Brandon Huber, the whistle blower be granted political asylum in Venezuela?
To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the horrifying truth about Golden Corral Restaurant issue and more, one can easily log onto


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