Junk science food addiction for school kids is so bad they would rather starve than eat healthy

How do you flush $3.2 Billion Dollars down the toilet in New York? It’s easy; just take away the kids junk food at school, including the pink slime, the hormone laden milk, the GMO corn chips and the diet soda, and then serve them TINY portions of healthy food only. It works in Illinois also! Yay for Michelle Obama and her husband, the GMO King of Monsanto Pesticide Food Country. School systems are screaming mad because the kids just can’t go all day without eating, and who wants to eat anything healthy after you’ve been fed MSG and Aspartame all day every day your whole life? What obese children on the brink of diabetes can just drop all that genetically modified, lab made junk food in a moment’s notice and try to eat some vegetables? This is unheard of!

No wonder children are starving! No wonder they can’t concentrate in school! Bring back the twinkies, they yell! Bring back the ho-ho’s. More vending machines in the hallways, filled with pesticide pretzels and bug-killing corn sugar candy bars.

And get those kids off the regular soda and get them all drinking the cancer causing diet junk again! Go Bloomberg, Obama’s right hand sellout man in New York!

According to Natural News: “A $3.2 billion public school lunch scheme devised by Michelle Obama has been axed from at least one public school system in New York after students forced to eat according to the new standards were literally starving.”

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/041263_Michelle_Obama_school_lunches_starvation.html#ixzz2ZW3kp0Wf

Junk science, or the study of addicting, nutrient void food, is a billion dollar business, with scientists in labs discovering new ways to keep people addicted to junk food, and fast food, and GMO food. Scientists are hard at work for biotechnology firms, via the FDA, CDC and EPA grants and studies, discovering new ways to test out animal proteins, and toxic food colorings, and herbicides that kill weeds to make more crop yield.

Fake research and altered results of research are surfacing all the time to trick people into thinking organic food is no different than conventional and GMO toxic food, if you can even call it food anymore. Organic food is sustainable, provides energy, immunity, and cures just about every disease known to mankind. If children could give it a chance long enough that their tastebuds would actually recover from the onslaught of MSG, artificial flavorings, and artificial sweeteners, they would remember and realize that organic food actually tastes wonderful, is filling, and doesn’t make them fat and lazy, and doesn’t lead to all kinds of disorders and disease. Sign the anti-junk-science petition. Support organic food and organic farmers. Shop at your local farmers markets and check out the natural news store on line!

THE NATURAL NEWS STORE ON LINE IS OPEN! http://store.naturalnews.com/
Supervised and run by the Health Ranger Mike Adams.


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