Atlanta Cops and their aggressive way of controlling drunken driving incidents!

According to Natural News, the Gwinnett County Police Department (GCPD) in Georgia is following a new policy where they can arrest anyone who is suspected of drunken driving. But that’s not all, if anyone refuses to go for the breathalyzer test they can inject a needle and draw blood for blood tests in order to confirm that the driver was drunk when driving. As per FOX 5 News in Atlanta, the GCPD officials have already started applying it. The drivers are arrested and taken to the police station where they are strapped down like wild animals, then forced blood draws are conducted on them against their will.
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This is quite a serious issue as the officers can arrest anyone on the ground that they were drunk while driving. The suspects are not allowed to give up their license if they refuse the test rather they are dragged to the police station where the blood is drawn against the suspects will. Gwinnett County is apparently following Fourth Amendment-trashing policy which was initially adopted by the Douglas County.
But Douglas County Sheriff Phil Miller disagrees, saying that the practice is justified and that the forced blood draws are the “best way” to find out whether the driver is drunk or not. Forget any and all presumption of innocence — the new American police state is of the opinion that they have the right to forcibly carry out the test on you by detaining you if your refuse to undergo the breathalyzer test. And Sheriffs like Miller are encouraging the other police department to resort to this measure in order to cut down the cases of drunken driving.
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