The Tracer Gas debacle by the NYPD Department
According to Natural News, the New York Police Department (NYPD) in association with the Brookhaven National Laboratory in Long Island carried out an attack drill on the morning commuters of New York’s subway to find out how a future chemical attack by terrorists can harm the people. They pumped tracer gases such as per fluorocarbons to find out its affect on the commuters. As per the NYPD these gases are harmless. But reports collected over the years say otherwise. As per the records these tracer gases can create respiratory issues, severe lung injury and other serious diseases. Surprisingly this routine drill that was carried out was done at the form of a federal grant that was actually a part of the tax payer’s money. The total amount granted was $3.4 million. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly told the media that “there was no specific event” and it was an “overall plan to help protect the city.”
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New York Mayor has recently voiced out his opinion that the Constitution needs to be amended in order to ensure better safety for its citizen. He said this after the Boston Marathon bombing. He also cited examples 9/11 and said how we all live in a dangerous world where safety of the people is decreasing by the day. He also applauded the Supreme Court saying that the possession of gun law had to be amended in order to maintain safety and security. Referring to the Sandy Hook incident he said that it was essential to ensure and safety at areas where people visited often like parks, museums, sporting events and so on.

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Western medicine instead of recovering people are putting chemicals and other elements on the food so that people instead of living a healthy life should suffer from diseases which they will again claim to rectify with the help of another chemical medicine. And all this is done behind closed doors with the help of scientists and medicine producing giants.
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