“Documental 9.70 de Victoria Solano” gives an in-depth answer why Colombia is going against America!

According to Natural News, the way the American Government is portraying the Colombian issue is damaging and completely different from the truth. What the government is portraying is that Colombia will be launching a secret war against the country. But, in reality, the entire issue is a different matter altogether. As per their research, Natural News found out that the media is manipulating information. Instead of highlighting the actual cause of the protest, the media is highlighting the Colombian government’s accusation that radical communist groups are infiltrating the protest. But, in reality, the protest was started by farmers and truckers in opposition to the Free Trade Agreement between the United States government and the Colombian government.
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A closer inspection by Natural News revealed that this agreement is not bilateral at all. This is evident from the YouTube video entitled “Documental 9.70 de Victoria Solano.” The documentary alleges the privatization of seeds though the enforcement of intellectual property rights has been a disaster for small farmers, allowing foreign international corporations to gain control of the entire nation’s agricultural industry.
A close inspection by Victoria Solano, who made this documentary, revealed more detailed information. She began to investigate the reasons why the Free Trade Agreement negotiated by the Obama Administration was being implicated as the reason for the ICA’s Resolution 9.70. She found part of the answer in an article published by the Washington Fair Trade Organization entitled, “Monsanto Writes US Trade Deals (really).”
It seems that privatization has infiltrated such high levels that one can grow crops only from specified seeds supplied by companies like Monsanto, BASF, Bayer CropScience, Dow AgroSciences, DuPont, FMC Corp, Sumitomo and Syngenta and nothing more.
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