Tobacco is more harmful than you think? Guess what they’re up to now?

Agent Orange Food Disorder sweeping America!
According to Natural News, people who claim to be the so called “experts” regarding genetically engineered foods have financial ties to Big Tobacco, writes Michele Simon, a public health lawyer who specializes in industry marketing and lobbying tactics.
In a series of articles that Simon has posted at as well as her own website, she says that some of the same industry consultants who have ties with the tobacco industry are now lobbying for “Big Food” in “opposing the ballot initiative that would require labeling of all foods containing GMO ingredients.”
She cites information contained in the financial filings of a movement, No on 37: Coalition against the Deceptive Food Labeling Scheme, which showed that a $7,500 payment was made to a political consulting firm, the Sacramento-based MB Public Affairs, which was described this way by the Los Angeles Times last year:
“MB Public Affairs is headed by Mark Bogetich, a garrulous operative known to his friends as “Bogey,” who has helped a number of Republican candidates neutralize their opponents. In recent years, MB Public Affairs has worked for Altria, once known as the Phillip Morris Cos. …”
For more information, log onto:
Instead of spreading awareness about how harmful tobacco consumption can be, it seems the food industry is gearing itself up in a different fashion.
The glyphosate product called Roundup, a pesticide made by Monsanto, contains 1,4-dioxane, which is known to damage the human liver, kidneys, lungs and even the brain by suffocating mitochondria cells.

Research shows that one of Roundup’s so called “inert” ingredients, polyethoxylated tallow amine (POEA), zeros in on embryonic, placental and umbilical cord cells, leading to abnormal fetal development, low birth weights and miscarriages.
To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the horrifying truth about the tobacco issue and more, one can easily log onto:


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