“Seeds that attract weeds” going back to Supreme Court – Monsanto struggling to save face and beat down more honest farmers

How do you manipulate seeds in a laboratory so that certain crops attract stronger weeds and need more herbicides to stave off the weeds that choke them out? And how does a corporation “manufacture” seeds that grow pesticide inside them, so that when humans consume that food, their bodies ALSO will create this pesticide, using a DNA formula?

If you can answer those questions, then you must be able to answer this one: How can a large corporation with lots of money sue farmers when wind and ground water carries their patented “pollen” to another farm? If GMO fish are patented and swim over to Russia and Japan, will the U.S. and corporations like Monsanto be able to sue for patent infringement or biotech piracy?


Natural News has this recent news on fraudulent cases Monsanto has already besieged on U.S. “natural” and organic agriculture in U.S. Courts:

“(Monsanto) … has already filed more than 130 lawsuits involving some 400 farmers and over 50 small businesses for patent infringement when these seeds have been found contaminating their fields.”

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/042121_farmers_lawsuit_Monsanto_US_Supreme_Court.html#ixzz2fLBhS4qc

Natural News has full coverage:

“These glyphosate-tolerant superweeds have already been identified in 22 states, and according to the Pesticide Action Network, they are spreading at an alarming rate – from 32.6 million acres in 2010 to 61.2 million acres in 2012.”

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/042121_farmers_lawsuit_Monsanto_US_Supreme_Court.html#ixzz2fKwRKkIb

This news coming as if farmers around the U.S. are sneaking onto Monsanto Farms, stealing seeds for plants that need up to 10 times as much herbicide to hold the SUPERWEEDS back, and planting them on their own land. Yes, that MUST be it. Those thieves are all stealing cancer breeding seeds because they too hope to profit off “Obamacare” and Big Pharma one day. They too would like a piece of that pie! Investing in food destruction is not a good thing! So now we head to the Supreme Court to decide who’s stealing what, and who’s lying when, and also, of course, which SUPREME COURT JUSTICES used to lobby for Monsanto, or run their chemical divisions, or CFOs and CEOs and VPs, those higher ups who switches back and forth, back and forth, from Big Pharma to their HIGH COURT seats, investing money and writing legislation to support WEEDSEEDS and PESTI-SEEDS that fuel cancer, which in turn feeds the Superbugs, and you get where this is going.

Read more on EXPOSING MONSANTO’S MINIONS: http://www.naturalnews.com/031263_Monsanto_organic_consumers.html

Let’s help fight this one. Let’s be heard. Share what you know and protect organic and non sellout farmer’s land, crop, livelihood, and our food supply which actually has nutrition and is sustainable. Let’s get involved and stay tune.

Here are a few excellent catapults for that:


Read more and understand FARM BILL 101:
“Our current food system is broken, and it did not happen by accident. Many people do not have access to safe, nutritious, affordable food; many farmers can’t make a living; many regions of the country no longer produce the food they consume; and large-scale indus- trial agriculture pollutes our soil and water. Decades of misguided farm policy designed by agribusiness, combined with unchecked corporate consolidation, have wreaked havoc on family farmers, public health and rural communities.”


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