Whole foods – How safe is it?

GMO Superbugs and Cancer rates Skyrocket in USA
According to Natural News, a video named “Organic Spies” has created quite a stir because of its content. In this video, a woman (whose identity is not revealed in order to maintain her protection) identified as a former employee of Whole Foods Market (WFM) testifies that she and other employees were deliberately trained by WFM management to lie to store customers about whether the stores carry foods made with genetically engineered ingredients (GMOs).
The denial of GMOs being sold in Whole Foods stores was an integral part of the training of employees, she explains:
“When we first started, we had a Day One and a Day Two, and they teach us about the core values of Whole Foods Market, the core values of nothing are artificial, everything’s natural… When I first started at Whole Foods, I didn’t know what a GMO was. I had no idea what it was. They taught us what it was, and how Whole Foods Market did not carry GMOs.
“So if a customer would have come up to me and said, do you guys have anything with GMOs? Does this product contain GMOs? [I would have said] absolutely not. Does not contain GMOs. Because we were taught that we don’t carry anything with GMOs, only natural, nothing artificial.”
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This incident again highlights how the food industry will go to any extent to sell their items in order to make more and more profits. They are not at all concerned with the health of an individual. Rather their only motto is to make as much profit as possible.
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