One incident after the other is highlighting the inefficiency of the government with regards to various aspects of Americans’ lives!

From Obamacare to GMO to last year’s Sandy superstorm, everything is highlighting the inefficiency of the government with regards to various aspects of an Americans’ lives.
“When you begin to look at these hundreds of thousands of people, I think what you’re going to see at the end of October are more Americans are going to lose their health insurance than are going to sign up at these exchanges,” explained House Speaker Boehner to reporters. “This is a very serious problem, it’s affecting our economy, and it’s affecting the ability of the American people to find the jobs that will help them take care of themselves and their families.”
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Remember the Sandy Super Storm of Northeast USA? Fema, Blue Cross and the Federal Govt waited way too long to prepare to help, even though they knew a week in advance the storm was heading that way. Here are some news clips to refresh your memory of how LAX the government is when it coming to helping those in need of true care, then and now:
“According to Natural News, the post-superstorm situation continues to deteriorate in the Northeast. Victims are dumpster diving for food, having gone hungry for several days. Fuel remains in desperately short supply, and tensions are running high throughout the region.
“With patience running thin and tension running high in the fight for fuel after Superstorm Sandy, the scene at area gas stations has been chaotic,” reports CBS News. “The situation got so intense in Queens on Thursday, one man was charged with criminal possession of a weapon and menacing after he tried to cut a line at a gas station and pointed a pistol at another motorist who complained.”
Residents are currently waiting in line for six hours to get gasoline, and people are defecating in the hallways of residential buildings, as they have nowhere else to go. That shocking fact is revealed in this YouTube video.
“Police were in place at many spots to keep the peace between furious, frustrated drivers,” reports Reuters. “Frustration grew for superstorm Sandy’s victims in the U.S. Northeast on Friday, many of whom were left with no power, no gasoline and little information about when their shattered lives might return to normal.” “They forgot about us,” said Theresa Connor, 42, describing her Staten Island neighborhood as having been “annihilated.”
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Hawaii’s Kaua’i county council has passed unprecedented restrictions on the cultivation of GMO crops – A huge victory!

According to Natural News, the island of Kaua’i reached a milestone when the city council passed measure 2491, which places unprecedented new restrictions on toxic agricultural chemicals frequently used in conjunction with GMOs.
Few people realize that Kaua’i is ground zero for chemical experimentation in agriculture. The island hosts 15,000 acres of crop lands which are experimentally exploited by biotech companies and chemical manufacturers. As a result, Hawaiians who live on Kaua’i are exposed to a toxic cocktail of synthetic chemicals on a routine basis.
The bill passed by a vote of 6 to 1, with councilman Mel Rapozo siding with the biotech industry and voting no. Hawaii Governor Abercrombie appears to be set against the bill and tried to block its passage. The biotech industry, as usual, has been busily engaged in false, defamatory, deceptive and even criminal actions in trying to block this city council measure. The industry, for example, routinely bribes scientists to publicly oppose bills restricting GMOs while falsely claiming they have no financial ties to the industry.
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The protection provisions of 2491 require:
• Buffer zones between chemical fields and schools, parks, beaches and hospitals.
• Disclosure of GMO crops (until now, they have largely remained a secret).
• Public notification before chemical spraying so that concerned citizens can leave the area and limit their exposure.
• A county-level environmental assessment of the potentially hazardous effects of the toxic chemicals being sprayed on agricultural crops.
• Full disclosure of the exact pesticides and herbicides being sprayed, as well as location details of where spraying is taking place.
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Walmart is a part of the government-dependent mass conspiracy to enslave Americans

People are SO AFRAID of the word conspiracy, or the thought of it, or talking about it, or blogging about it. If you do, will you be considered an “enemy of the state?” What if a huge corporation just gave you a free shopping spree and you could rack up, say $4,000 worth of food and drinks in a 3 hour free-for-all? What if you could fill up 8 shopping carts, and you actually liked Walmart food and beverages, and thought they were good food to be living on? Would you take that free “lunch” (free 1,000 lunches)? Would you accept that Corporate (Government) handout, with no strings attached, or would you wonder WHAT THE HECK is going on, because certainly, there “ain’t no such thing as a free lunch” nor 1,000 free lunches, on the tab of one of the most evil corporations and on the tab of Obamacare Snap Madness! Just how dependent are YOU on government help, and free debit cards during the computer glitches? Will your huge “glitch” just turn off, like a faucet, one day soon, and leave you “hanging” so to speak, from your financial noose, and your nutrition noose, over a cold field where the wind blows, and the GMO pesticide food grows. Are you a scarecrow? Are you just skin and bones waiting to get sicker and poorer and more dependent on the government “milk machine?” Will you milk your free ride as long as you can and not expect the hammer to come down on you?

Don’t be a victim. There are no victimless crimes. Don’t steal food from Walmart because your LOAN card says you have no limit for 3 hours.

Don’t sign up for the GREAT GLITCH of 2013/2014 aka Obamacare, where the law says you have to take pharmaceutical medication to quell the symptoms of your Agent Orange Food Disorder. Learn more:

Want some free food that is organic and pure? Buy organic seeds and organic soil and plant and water your vegetables and fruits with non-fluoridated spring water. Then, year after year after year, you will have FREE food growing at your home and you can be self reliant, self sufficient, safe, protected, smart, evolutionary and revolutionary – especially when the agricultural/economic/financial catastrophe strikes:

Natural News has coverage:

“Walmart corporate has now gone public with the most bizarre pro-theft explanation ever heard. Allowing EBT hoarders to ransack the stores and steal tens of thousands of dollars in merchandise while denying any inventory to other shoppers was “the right thing to do,” the Walmart company now says.”Walmart announced to its shoppers that EBT cardholders would have infinite balances during the federal computer glitch, meaning there were no limits whatsoever on what they could purchase
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Obamacare is more confusing and dangerous than it appears!

According to Natural News, is a nonfunctioning database application that allows people to shop for competing health plans. In reality, it is actually a government-run site where people create accounts in order to avail health benefits but in the process hands over their:
• Name and address
• Email address and password
• Social security number
• Private bank account details
• Employer details and other information
During the enrollment process, your computer also hands over your IP address, which is then tied to your social security number. This IP address is then handed over to the NSA, where the IP is cross-referenced with all website visits.
This information can then be turned over to law enforcement, as is found in the fine print of the Maryland Obamacare exchange, which states: “…we may share information provided in your application with the appropriate authorities for law enforcement and audit activities.”
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Not only this, the United States of America is heading towards a huge financial crisis. The top five signs of this are mentioned below:
• While Barrack Obama has been president, the U.S. government has spent about 11 dollars for every 7 dollars of revenue that it has actually brought in.
• During the fiscal year that just ended, the U.S. government took in 2.449 trillion dollars, but it spent 3.538 trillion dollars.
• During fiscal year 2011, over a trillion dollars of government money was spent on 83 different welfare programs, and those numbers do not even include Social Security or Medicare.
• Over the past four years, welfare spending has increased by 32 percent. In inflation-adjusted dollars, spending on those programs has risen by 378 percent over the past 30 years. At this point, more than 100 million Americans are enrolled in at least one welfare program run by the federal government. Once again, these figures do not even include Social Security or Medicare.
• Over the past year, the number of Americans getting a free cell phone from the federal government has grown by 43 percent. Now, more than 16 million Americans are enjoying what has come to be known as an “Obamaphone.”
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“Cut & Burn for the Cure?” – I thought it was “Walk for the Cure,” but I was wrong

Fabrications of Disease by USA Pharma
If you pour a bucket of toxic chemicals into the shallow end of a pool, is everyone who is swimming in the deep end safe? If you have a high fever, would it be smart to drain 1/4th of your blood to get that sickness out of you, as quickly as possible? If you have an infected finger, would it be wise to chop off your whole arm, from the shoulder down, just to be on the safe side? These may sound like stupid questions with simple answers, but is chemotherapy “stupid” because the doctors and oncologists are prescribing liquid chemicals and radiation to be “dumped” into your blood – yes – your ENTIRE body, in order to snuff out that little cancer spot, that tissue or organ that’s being attacked by bad cells full of carcinogens – those toxic synthetic lab “juices” that warp and mutate your cells?

Are the chemo doctors dumping toxins into the shallow end of the human “pool” of blood, hoping to kill that cancer that’s hanging out and multiplying, all while “protecting” those good cells in the deep end, in your heart, your brain, and your GUT?

Cut and burn medical methodology is archaic – meaning that only retarded cavemen would still use it. In a world where nobody eats chemicals, nor drinks chemicals nor injects them into their blood, people would be smart enough to realize this. In a world where people didn’t overindulge in processed food and then look for a cure in some pill or i.v. tube at the hospital, people would realize this. Cut and burn cancer care is really cut and burn cancer prolonging. If your car engine light comes on this week, will you cut the wire to the light and expect the problem to go away? Maybe if you use your common sense and spend about $10 or $15 more per grocery run, you could buy organic food and spring water, and you could buy organic vitamins instead of commercial Big Pharma ones, and you would have the cure for cancer and the prevention of cancer in your hands. Don’t feed the multi-billion dollar a year cancer industry another dime:

“Most organic food and products have a reputation for being too expensive to purchase regularly, but what is a hundred times more expensive than organic products is the bill for chemical cancer treatments and invasive surgery, which don’t even cure cancer, but send you to an early grave. Yes, there are a few instances where people wait too long to address cancer, and “last minute” ditch efforts to “cut and burn” the cancer away might work, but this is only proving true for about five percent of cancer victims, so it’s time to address the top 10 “causes” before the “effect” becomes your early death.”

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S.D. Wells of Natural News is reporting on the top 10 causes of Breast Cancer:

“Since chemotherapy was invented by Nazi scientists 70 years ago, and mammograms expose patients to radiation which causes cancer itself, let us forget everything we know for a few minutes about cancer prevention and cancer treatment, and take a common sense approach to this monster that’s killing over 750,000 people a year in the United States alone. There IS A MIRACLE CURE for cancer, but it doesn’t involve surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, pharmaceuticals, or any advice you would get from mainstream medicine doctors.”

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Last question: Does it sound archaic to use chemicals as medicine for a disease which is caused by eating and drinking chemicals? Don’t be a caveman or cavewoman. Learn the difference between Western “Medicine” and Natural medicine now:

The Mad Mad Dash for a 20 TRILLION DOLLAR debt for U.S. is underway

Natural News Tracker: Best blogsite statistics rising fast
Do you think there’s lots of gold stored in a huge vault in New York or Texas? Do you think the U.S. politicians knew about Pearl Harbor before it happened, and is that why they took MOST of the fleet out of the Harbor prior to the “attack?” Do you think EX-president George W. idiot Bush knew about 9/11 before it happened, and is that why when the secret service told him it was UNDERWAY, he didn’t flinch or change his expression for even a second? You must have missed Fahrenheit 9/11 – where they catch him on film in an elementary school classroom. Yep, he knew!

How can Obama and his cohorts best get ready for the Revolution? They stockpile their money and arm the DHS with hollow point bullets and automatic weapons. How can the Republicans hoard their wealth fast enough? – Keep the War going in the Middle East and Big Pharma in charge of cancer treatments and vaccine manufacturing. How are the banks “preparing” for the financial apocalypse? Stockpiling cash, but is it really for that MAD MAD ATM WITHDRAWAL RUSH, or it for the VPs to make their made dash to highland, non-city-land, to the timeshare condo in the Bahamas or the Mountains, maybe to Hawaii, that place that got “attacked” about 80 years back, cuz lightning never strikes the same place twice!

What does this all have to do with you and your life right now?


“Banks are stockpiling cash ahead of anticipated financial panic”
Learn more: that’s right …

“Many of the nation’s biggest banks are stockpiling cash for ATM machines in case the public becomes panicked over a potential U.S. default.”


So, then, who is saving their silver (nickels) and their gold (organic soil and seeds)? Who is padding their savings account (lockbox/safe full of cash at your home)? Which medical coverage plan are you choosing (Nutritionist, Naturopath, Organic supplements, Superfoods)?

And who is saving their batteries and bullets? Who is saving their non-fluoridated spring water? Who is stockpiling storable food that has high nutritional value?

Who is protecting their civil rights, the Constitution, and freedom of speech and press?
Don’t forget about this, it happened this year: Red China USA? Censorship in full swing as YouTube censors TSA video; Fox News pulls Judge Napolitano’s Freedom Watch

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It’s a mad, mad race to control your thinking and cash in YOUR money? Will the feds do it for you? Will they cash in your health too? The Financial Landslide is one big rock away from and full fledged avalanche. Obama’s goons are pushing that rock over the crest now. Watch and learn. Surthrival is the name of the game now:

Obamacare very much like “Romneycare” – if you can’t afford it, call an ambulance!

Did someone say there’s a free lunch at the health clinic? Yes, it comes with the buffet boondoggle and a stack of pancakes. It seems that if you go to, there’s no mention of anything “free” anymore, but didn’t all those 47%’ers vote for Obama because the National Health Care “dream” was the core of that vote? Everybody remembers Mitt Romney saying that if you can’t afford healthcare, an ambulance will come to your apartment (because he thinks if you’re not in the 1% your are a renter) and those medics will “give you care.” Or you can just check into the emergency room at $10,000 a night, and pay the bill as part of your chapter 13 bankruptcy you file afterwards, or maybe you won’t have to pay the bill ever when you file chapter 7 bankruptcy, and then it is FREE!! Yipee.

Mitt Romney: No Health Insurance? Go to the Emergency Room

The BIGGEST LIES are surfacing, finally, and the Obamacare rats and maggots are all about to wake up and find out “somebody moved their cheese.” Do you like the doctors and nurses at the community health care center? Do you like filling out a clipboard full of forms while your head is bleeding or your child is choking to death? Hey, you voted for it! Obama – the great orator! Told you what you wanted to hear … well, what you THOUGHT you wanted to hear. Who really wants healthcare that costs more than ever and only includes disease management and symptom cosmetics? If you think there is free or low cost care beginning now that it’s October, 2013, finally, you are dead wrong. Check the site, my friends, the wording has changed, and the word free is GONE! Yep, it’s in the URL but it’s not in writing on the site itself, no wonder why:

Hey government feeders, want a free lunch? Go to a homeless shelter and wait in line with the dregs. Want some free doctor’s advice and some prescription drugs for pain and depression? File taxes with the IRS and give them your medical records for review. Maybe Obama will start the “guns for drugs” program, where you trade in weapons for Prozak and Xanax, and for automatic weapons you get Oxycodone and Oxycontin! Got any ammo clips that hold ten bullets or more, you can get supersized healthcare points redeemable at FEMA camps in your region for first aid during the upcoming Holocaust.

National (and free or low-cost) Healthcare is a joke my friends! What government would ever pay to help heal or fix the very people they are poisoning with GMO, fluoride, and mercury vaccines? Healthcare is a Ponzi scheme, so run now, punch in your social security number to the NSA database and apply to be shnooked and rooked. Just like the Nazi’s, the U.S. Government is beginning population reduction, and it starts with IRS mandated healthcare “on line.” “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.

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