Walmart is a part of the government-dependent mass conspiracy to enslave Americans

People are SO AFRAID of the word conspiracy, or the thought of it, or talking about it, or blogging about it. If you do, will you be considered an “enemy of the state?” What if a huge corporation just gave you a free shopping spree and you could rack up, say $4,000 worth of food and drinks in a 3 hour free-for-all? What if you could fill up 8 shopping carts, and you actually liked Walmart food and beverages, and thought they were good food to be living on? Would you take that free “lunch” (free 1,000 lunches)? Would you accept that Corporate (Government) handout, with no strings attached, or would you wonder WHAT THE HECK is going on, because certainly, there “ain’t no such thing as a free lunch” nor 1,000 free lunches, on the tab of one of the most evil corporations and on the tab of Obamacare Snap Madness! Just how dependent are YOU on government help, and free debit cards during the computer glitches? Will your huge “glitch” just turn off, like a faucet, one day soon, and leave you “hanging” so to speak, from your financial noose, and your nutrition noose, over a cold field where the wind blows, and the GMO pesticide food grows. Are you a scarecrow? Are you just skin and bones waiting to get sicker and poorer and more dependent on the government “milk machine?” Will you milk your free ride as long as you can and not expect the hammer to come down on you?

Don’t be a victim. There are no victimless crimes. Don’t steal food from Walmart because your LOAN card says you have no limit for 3 hours.

Don’t sign up for the GREAT GLITCH of 2013/2014 aka Obamacare, where the law says you have to take pharmaceutical medication to quell the symptoms of your Agent Orange Food Disorder. Learn more:

Want some free food that is organic and pure? Buy organic seeds and organic soil and plant and water your vegetables and fruits with non-fluoridated spring water. Then, year after year after year, you will have FREE food growing at your home and you can be self reliant, self sufficient, safe, protected, smart, evolutionary and revolutionary – especially when the agricultural/economic/financial catastrophe strikes:

Natural News has coverage:

“Walmart corporate has now gone public with the most bizarre pro-theft explanation ever heard. Allowing EBT hoarders to ransack the stores and steal tens of thousands of dollars in merchandise while denying any inventory to other shoppers was “the right thing to do,” the Walmart company now says.”Walmart announced to its shoppers that EBT cardholders would have infinite balances during the federal computer glitch, meaning there were no limits whatsoever on what they could purchase
Learn more:


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