One incident after the other is highlighting the inefficiency of the government with regards to various aspects of Americans’ lives!

From Obamacare to GMO to last year’s Sandy superstorm, everything is highlighting the inefficiency of the government with regards to various aspects of an Americans’ lives.
“When you begin to look at these hundreds of thousands of people, I think what you’re going to see at the end of October are more Americans are going to lose their health insurance than are going to sign up at these exchanges,” explained House Speaker Boehner to reporters. “This is a very serious problem, it’s affecting our economy, and it’s affecting the ability of the American people to find the jobs that will help them take care of themselves and their families.”
To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the horrifying truth about the Government Healthcare website issue and more, one can easily log onto:

Remember the Sandy Super Storm of Northeast USA? Fema, Blue Cross and the Federal Govt waited way too long to prepare to help, even though they knew a week in advance the storm was heading that way. Here are some news clips to refresh your memory of how LAX the government is when it coming to helping those in need of true care, then and now:
“According to Natural News, the post-superstorm situation continues to deteriorate in the Northeast. Victims are dumpster diving for food, having gone hungry for several days. Fuel remains in desperately short supply, and tensions are running high throughout the region.
“With patience running thin and tension running high in the fight for fuel after Superstorm Sandy, the scene at area gas stations has been chaotic,” reports CBS News. “The situation got so intense in Queens on Thursday, one man was charged with criminal possession of a weapon and menacing after he tried to cut a line at a gas station and pointed a pistol at another motorist who complained.”
Residents are currently waiting in line for six hours to get gasoline, and people are defecating in the hallways of residential buildings, as they have nowhere else to go. That shocking fact is revealed in this YouTube video.
“Police were in place at many spots to keep the peace between furious, frustrated drivers,” reports Reuters. “Frustration grew for superstorm Sandy’s victims in the U.S. Northeast on Friday, many of whom were left with no power, no gasoline and little information about when their shattered lives might return to normal.” “They forgot about us,” said Theresa Connor, 42, describing her Staten Island neighborhood as having been “annihilated.”
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