What is more important, proper health or an ineffective health care system?

According to Natural News, even if the Healthcare.gov website starts working from November 30th, the fact remains that the entire concept of Obamacare is based on nothing more than cost shifting the burden of paying for disease management.
Obamacare is modeled on the idea that a sufficient number of young, healthy people who aren’t yet sick will sign up and pay increased rates in order to subsidize the sicker people.
For every cancer patient that the government spends $500,000 on “disease management” interventions such as chemotherapy, there’s a bona fide cure to be had for less than $5,000 worth of nutrients and botanicals. That’s a 100-to-1 savings, and it has a far better outcome, too, since chemotherapy actually causes repeat cancer as well as permanent damage to the kidneys, brain and heart.
But treating patients affordably is not a profitable business model for the so-called “sick-care industry.” There’s money to be made from sickness and disease, after all, and there’s even more money to be made in keeping people sick for a lifetime. The sicker they get, the more drugs they need, and drug companies have already proven over and over again that they’re willing to bribe doctors and commit felony crimes in order to push their often-deadly drugs onto the market.
As long as the health care industry is based on profit, it will never produce healthy outcomes for patients.
For more information, log onto:http://www.naturalnews.com/042983_health_care_system_financial_failure_prevention_of_disease.html#ixzz2lBzY5LpV

What one really needs if you want a sustainable health care system is something like the following:
• Outlawing all drug advertisements that target the general public. Drug ads do nothing but convince people they need more drugs even when they don’t. (All such drug ads were illegal before 1997.)
• Ending the FDA’s censorship of truthful health claims on nutritional supplements, thereby allowing sellers of herbs, superfoods and dietary supplements to make truthful, qualified, scientifically validated claims about the ability of dietary products to treat, prevent and cure disease. Vitamin C, for example, cures scurvy. But the FDA does not allow this claim on a bottle of vitamin C.
• Breaking the state medical monopolies that marginalize chiropractic, Chinese medicine, herbal practices and other holistic healing arts. State medical boards needs to be reined in with a national “Medical Bill of Rights” that guarantees freedom to practice the healing arts without oppressive interference from state medical boards (which are almost always run by conventional medical monopolists who have financial ties to Big Pharma).
• Ending all drug patents and shifting R&D to publicly funded universities. This would immediately take the profit out of junk science drug promotions and sharply reduce the cost of drugs to the public.
• The outlawing of all toxic, disease-promoting ingredients in the food supply (HFCS, aspartame, sodium nitrite, etc.)
• The breaking apart of the FDA into separate “Food” and “Drug” regulators.
• Reforming the mission statement of the NIH to study causes of health rather than causes of disease.
• The outlawing of FDA, CDC, USDA and FTC employees from accepting jobs inside the very industries they regulate. (Stop the “revolving door” of regulators taking jobs with Big Pharma.)
• The outlawing of drug company bribery of doctors, financial influence of medical schools and commercial funding of science journals.

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Prepping for emergency situations seems to be the norm of the day!

According to Natural News, a pair of nonprofit organizations recently released a 79-page analysis of public health preparedness entitled “Ready or Not?” which measured the ability of local hospitals, departments of health and other agencies to prevent or respond to emergencies including major influenza outbreaks, large weather events, bioterrorism and other natural disasters like major tornadoes or earthquakes.

“It’s a grim reckoning,” Reuters reported. “The assessment is based on how many of 10 key benchmarks a state met, such as whether it holds drills to make sure public health workers can respond quickly to, say, a catastrophic release of radiation, and whether its labs can work overtime to identify a mystery disease.”

According to the report, no state met all 10 benchmarks, but clearly some did better than others. This year, 35 states met less than seven of the 10; only five met eight of 10.

Two years ago, by contrast, more states did better overall: 17 met at least nine of the benchmarks in 2010, and 25 met seven or eight; no state met fewer than five benchmarks.

“The report found that while there has been significant progress toward improving public health preparedness over the past 10 years, particularly in core capabilities, there continue to be persistent gaps in the country’s ability to respond to health emergencies, ranging from bioterrorist threats to serious disease outbreaks to extreme weather events,” said the analysis by Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

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It’s not just “fringe” types and end-of-the-world religious prognosticators; more and more “everyday people” are sensing that something is wrong with their country and the world and are taking steps to prepare for turbulent times.

Yes, technically they are “preppers” in today’s lexicon, but they are far from the kind of people that that term engenders. In fact, some of these “newbies” might even be your neighbors.

As reported by Fortune/CNN:

More and more Americans are spending money to get ready for an uncertain future — gathering food, water, tools and skills to help them weather anything from a hurricane to a pandemic.

Contrary to images of deluded or gun-obsessed “lone wolves,” many preppers are average consumers reacting to concrete worries, and their way of thinking is spreading, fueling an emerging lifestyle trend. That lifestyle is generating demand for a broad spectrum of products offering survival — or even comfort — when large-scale systems go down.

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Is extortion the way by which the Government is making money?

According to Natural News, passed on a 219-212 vote, the Affordable Care Act puts America under the stranglehold of the medical mafia. There is no mention in the bill, for example, of vitamin D for preventing cancer or orthomolecular medicine for preventing degenerative disease. There’s not even a word about protecting health freedom or ending the century of oppression that has been waged against naturopathic practitioners by the AMA, FDA and FTC.
The new legislation does, however, ensure billions of dollars in monopoly profits for the pharmaceutical companies.
All Americans are now required to pay into a sick-care system of monopolized pharmaceutical medicine even if they reject that failed system of medicine. So the healthy people who actually take responsibility for their health are financially penalized and forced to subsidize profits for drug companies!
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A new book by Peter Schweizer explains what has heretofore yet to be explained to the body politic. The top headline to the book’s website says it all: “What If The Problem In Washington Isn’t Bribery…But Extortion?”
The book, titled Extortion: How Politicians Extract Your Money, Buy Votes, and Line Their Own Pockets, is currently #8 on The New York Times bestseller list. Here is a summary of accounts about the book, what it explains, what it identifies and, most importantly, what it all means for us, the hapless electorate.
— New York Times: In his own words, Schweizer writes: We have long assumed that the infestation of special interest money in Washington is at the root of so much that ails our politics. But what if we’ve had it wrong? What if instead of being bribed by wealthy interests, politicians are engaged in a form of legal extortion designed to extract campaign contributions?
Consider this: Of the thousands of bills introduced in Congress each year, only roughly 5 percent become law. Why do legislators bother proposing so many bills? What if many of those bills are written not to be passed but to pressure people into forking over cash?
This is exactly what is happening. Politicians have developed a dizzying array of legislative tactics to bring in money.
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4.8 million policy cancellations nationwide due to Obamacare – but 4 people are signed up in Delaware!

Sick animals, sick people, welfare, war and dependency
All the healthcare.gullible site has been able to accumulate in 6 weeks is healthcare “data” – which means people plug in who they are, where they work, how much money they make, their bank account information, and their social security number, then they are processed by NSA, DHS and FEMA, but they cannot secure health care coverage. This is the abomination of the Obama nation forced to participate in sick care law, a way to keep the masses weak, subservient, and stupid. The state run exchanges have about 50,000 enrollees, but the federal exchange is still abysmal, and the White House still can’t prove one single person in this country has coverage via the healthcare.gump site.

HEALTHCARE.GUMP – A huge ponzi scheme

Have you ever gone on Amazon.com and put some stuff in your “shopping cart” but never bought it? Would you consider that a sale for Amazon? What if they charged your credit card for stuff you put in your cart but never bought, and there were no refunds, ever? What if you were fined if you didn’t put stuff in your shopping cart? This is how crazy Obamacare has become, in just six weeks, people who are shopping for rates and premiums are being counted by Obama as successful enrollees, and the big stooge Sebellius is testifying to Congress of the huge success and functionality of the site.

It’s just one big lie piled on top of the next. Want your premium to increase dramatically, then you should enroll! It’s a double edged sword, and most Americans are falling right on top of it. With or without fake enrollees, Obamacare will fail. So why try? Why give a corrupt government control of your personal data, your personal life? Why tell this corrupt administration about your family when they are the ones fighting a fake war, feeding everyone GMO food, and giving people with a chemical food disease (cancer) chemical medicine (chemo)?


Be smart. Do your homework. If you need to “get well fast” or you want “coverage” call your Naturopath Physician or ask a Nutritionist for advice. Mother Nature has the cure, the immunity building Superfoods, and the herbs your body wants to get well, stay well, and prepare for the upcoming financial, economic and political holocaust:


Check out this film: http://www.naturalnews.com/042295_Unacceptable_Levels_documentary_film_toxic_environmental_chemicals.html

The Un-united States of Dumberica: We are living in a “Dumbocracy!”

Cut & Burn Surgery/Chemo/Radiation is Caveman Medicine (2)
Go buy a sweet roll and a quart of pasteurized milk and shut up, you stupid Americans! This is the attitude of a Government gone completely insane, serving up corn sugar and chemotherapy to all the fools who watch television for their news, eat fast food as their staple diet, and vote for the person who tells them stuff they want to hear, even though none of it ever happens. Welcome to the Un-united States of Dumberica – where people eat processed gunk and wonder why the Government won’t pay for their by-pass surgery and to remove the huge tumors growing where they used to have reproductive organs. This is the country where each state hates the rule of Big Government, but isn’t doing much about it. This is the country where states try to protect people’s rights and decent food, but corporate crooks step in and “buy the vote” and fix the polls and write legislations to “overrule” the states. This is the north end of South America, yes, the Un-united States of Dumberica, much like the movie “Idiocracy” – where people slurp up corn sugar drinks and watch idiot TV all day and all night, wondering why the plants don’t grow right anymore and why the environment is stacked mile high with garbage and filth. (here’s a scene from the future of Dumberica – “Idiocracy”) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsJFNQd62Wk

It’s so easy for Obama to lie about the Healthcare “plan” which is really about to drop 93,000,000 people, just as planned. It’s not just the individual market either, we’re talking about corporate Dumberica here too. People’s healthcare catastrophe is just the beginning. 401k’s will be seized during the financial meltdown of Dumberica too. It already happened in Detroit if you need a model of that. Most government pensions will be seized from Dumbericans within a decade: http://www.naturalnews.com/041298_unfunded_liabilities_retiree_pensions_government_confiscation.html

Un-united States of Dumberica

Are you an idiot? Would you know if I told you? Do you eat MSG, aspartame, insecticide corn sugar and wash it down with fluoride water? Is your brain laced with mercury and aluminum from dozens of vaccines? If you are stupid and believe that Obamacare is something good, meant to help Dumbericans and Dumberica, then you have not seen the movie “Idiocracy” and you are just another victim. Welcome to third world living in the Un-united States of Dumbocracy.

Here are some cold hard FACTS reported by Natural News and Forbes, in case you need some reliable sources on all of this:

“51 percent of the employer-based market plus 53.5 percent of the non-group market (the middle of the administration’s range) amounts to 93 million Americans. What this means is that not only did Obama lie when he repeatedly told Americans that they can keep their plans if they like them, he also lied in Boston on Wednesday when he said he was referring to the majority of Americans coverered by their employers.”



So go on, sign up for deathkare.com, and see how far it gets you. Plug in all of your most personal, confidential information into the NSA idiot hub and be sure to print FOUR copies when you’re done: One to read in the superbug hospital bed when the power grid goes down, one to read at the FEMA camp during re-education, and the other two copies for when you are done reading the first two copies.

The website that cares about victims of natural disasters, Natural News, donates $10,000 to Philippines’ typhoon victims/families!

Natural News.com is thankful in so many ways that millions of people tune in every day to find out what we can all do to help victims of natural disasters, business disasters, economic disasters, health disasters, and the like. Natural News gives back to the world and in ways that get delivered properly and are sustainable. So many other organizations and causes don’t deliver the right goods or in a timely manner, sometimes it’s hard to know where to donate your resources, your hard earned money or even sharing connections, links, phone numbers, contacts and other ways and means of delivering natural food and natural remedies to people in need of them most.

Life is meant to be lived enjoyably and healthy, but so many people get overwhelmed and sometimes devastated by natural events they have no control over, and this can be very sad. But we, as humans who have resources and compassion, can step up and help them get back to prosperity, safety, and happiness by donated some resources. Yes, it’s hard to give when you may not have a whole lot to give, but when you send the right kind of help through the right channels, it gets there, and people benefit, sometimes more than you ever knew or hear about.

Good luck and good karma come from giving. I am convinced of that. It’s time to make that difference, whether small or huge, and not look for a pat on the back or some award from some charitable organization that pays their “heads” big salaries but never really delivers the goods. It’s time to consider natural news and natural remedies for those in need of them most. Let’s make sure your help gets where it needs to go!

“Natural News has donated $10,000 to victims of Typhoon Haiyan, the superstorm that recently devastated the Philippines. Tens of thousands of people are believed to have died in the storm.” … “Tzu Chi Foundation is probably the best rescue organization on the planet. Nearly 100% of all donations go straight to victims in the form of food, blankets, emergency medicine and basic lifesaving supplies. If you’d like to join Natural News’ efforts, make a donation at the Tzu Chi Foundation website. All donations are tax deductible in the United States. Their Tax ID is 94-2952782.”

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/042850_Philippines_typhoon_victims_donation.html#ixzz2kLdSCBtr

Track natural news and the progress of the help that the Health Ranger is making sure is arriving in the Philippines! Now is the time and natural is the way. What can you give today so these people can get back on their feet, and the families who lost loved ones can eat right, sleep comfortably, and recover physically and emotionally from this? Ask the Health Ranger what else you can do. Find out here:

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Find out about Donations and Storable Food! http://www.naturalnews.com/038156_natural_news_store_chlorella_storable_organics.html

Fukushima – 2 and 1/2 years later – Radiation “drifting” to California

A daunting task is going on in the Far East, but many Americans are caught up with bigger problems to think about, like how many bars are left on their phone, and how to pay their mortgage or rent if any other emergency drains their wallet or purse. So when does some alternative news become the headline concern for every human being on planet Earth? I’ll tell you when. When a bunch of morons in America try to “help” move the spent fuel rods and radioactive materials from the danger zone they sit in right now. The 2 and a half year old tsunami is making headlines on Natural News for a real reason, and you may want to stock up on some natural remedies for the upcoming “daunting” season:

From the country that brings you healthcare.goon (.gov) that doesn’t work, to the Politicians who put GMO scientists in charge of the FDA, right on down to the radioactive expert opinions on world affairs and the Chernobyl x 1,000! It’s time to tune into the Health Ranger on Natural News and get the truth and the full extent of the truth!

Alternative news is Headline News, and the TV news is garbage:

Where are you getting most of your information, about food, medicine, nutrition doctors, war, peace, legislation that affects your family, and total destruction of the myths that riddle the masses? Where are you getting your daily news? The Wall Street Journal? The NY Times? CNN? Fox? MSNBC? Please, say it isn’t so.

Turn it off. “Kill your television” and tune into Natural News Radio too:


REPORTS showing high levels of radioactive particles traveling across the Pacific Ocean to the US Pacific coastline:

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/042832_US_energy_secretary_Fukushima_nuclear_plant_radioactive_contamination.html#ixzz2k41wyRpw

Natural News has the inside story on the Fukushima disaster spreading:

“How efficient could the US really be in helping countries like Japan clean up nuclear radiation that has drifted across the Pacific Ocean? With a track record of endless wars and unsuccessful meddling in the affairs of multiple countries, the US may be the “most powerful” but really is the least efficient when it comes to world affairs and health protections.”… “Then again, the EPA could always just raise the allowable levels of radioactive particles in US soil and drinking water a notch higher to keep Americans assured that they are “safe.”


Natural News now has a Health Ranger branded Original Nascent Iodine created using the original, divinely-inspired Edgar Cayce method and delivering 80% more potency than popular glycerin-based formulas.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/042833_nascent_iodine_monatomic_form_Edgar_Cayce_formula.html#ixzz2k461Ngu3

Was this all predictable???

The giant Oarfish can grow up to five metres in length

and is usually to be found at depths of 1,000 metres.

The legend isn’t confined to Japan, but extends to other Asian countries….

8.8 magnitude Earthquake, Chile on February 27, 2010

7.0 magnitude Earthquake, Haiti on January 12, 2010.

6.4 magnitude Earthquake, Southern Taiwan on March 4, 2010

9.0 magnitude Earthquake, Japan on March 11, 2011



Business as usual in Washington D.C. – LIE, LIE, LIE and just say good news is on the way!

The war in the Middle East was all started based on a LIE, and even George “Idiot” Bush admitted that, but we’re still fighting at $1 trillion/year bill, paid for by U.S. tax payers, who are broke and losing their healthcare.

The war on terror is complete fraud. It’s based on fighting overseas to keep terror “from coming here.” What terror? Staged events like Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing and the Batman Theatre shooting? Those were Americans on psyche drugs who were FBI patsies. Oh, what, you missed all the proof of that? There is in-depth coverage, just turn off the tv, burn that newspaper you’ve been reading, cancel the subscription, and click and learn the truth here:

The HOOK mass shooting incident was staged: Who was that guy they arrested first and let go? Who was that scumbag? Let’s have a look and see:

The “Batman” bad man did NOT act alone: It was a planned “freak scene” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLlWV6UFF1U

The CRAFT group of tactical ex-military paramilitary mercenary “terrorists” took “control” of the situation prior to anything “exploding” or “compressing”: http://www.naturalnews.com/039977_the_craft_boston_marathon_private_military_contractors.html

Oops. The cat is out of the bag. So now let’s look at Obamacare, WWIII, and it’s a war on your health and to tap your bank account, big time. How many people will “come home in body bags” from this war, or be left homeless, with only GMO food to eat from the dumpsters of fast food restaurants? Ooops, Obama lied, again, it only happens when he opens his mouth. Fox news actually sounds half normal because all they have to talk about is the GREAT FAILURE and the LIES called Obamacare. The titantic is sinking. The talk shows are scrambling for anything ELSE to talk about, because it gets so hard to lie and lie over and over now, and get away with it, when there’s lots of video taping going on, proving you are a fake and a cheat:


Maybe we should read more of this truth and know how to protect our families from liars! Maybe we should all share natural news and organic food!