Business as usual in Washington D.C. – LIE, LIE, LIE and just say good news is on the way!

The war in the Middle East was all started based on a LIE, and even George “Idiot” Bush admitted that, but we’re still fighting at $1 trillion/year bill, paid for by U.S. tax payers, who are broke and losing their healthcare.

The war on terror is complete fraud. It’s based on fighting overseas to keep terror “from coming here.” What terror? Staged events like Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing and the Batman Theatre shooting? Those were Americans on psyche drugs who were FBI patsies. Oh, what, you missed all the proof of that? There is in-depth coverage, just turn off the tv, burn that newspaper you’ve been reading, cancel the subscription, and click and learn the truth here:

The HOOK mass shooting incident was staged: Who was that guy they arrested first and let go? Who was that scumbag? Let’s have a look and see:

The “Batman” bad man did NOT act alone: It was a planned “freak scene”

The CRAFT group of tactical ex-military paramilitary mercenary “terrorists” took “control” of the situation prior to anything “exploding” or “compressing”:

Oops. The cat is out of the bag. So now let’s look at Obamacare, WWIII, and it’s a war on your health and to tap your bank account, big time. How many people will “come home in body bags” from this war, or be left homeless, with only GMO food to eat from the dumpsters of fast food restaurants? Ooops, Obama lied, again, it only happens when he opens his mouth. Fox news actually sounds half normal because all they have to talk about is the GREAT FAILURE and the LIES called Obamacare. The titantic is sinking. The talk shows are scrambling for anything ELSE to talk about, because it gets so hard to lie and lie over and over now, and get away with it, when there’s lots of video taping going on, proving you are a fake and a cheat:

Maybe we should read more of this truth and know how to protect our families from liars! Maybe we should all share natural news and organic food!


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