The website that cares about victims of natural disasters, Natural News, donates $10,000 to Philippines’ typhoon victims/families!

Natural is thankful in so many ways that millions of people tune in every day to find out what we can all do to help victims of natural disasters, business disasters, economic disasters, health disasters, and the like. Natural News gives back to the world and in ways that get delivered properly and are sustainable. So many other organizations and causes don’t deliver the right goods or in a timely manner, sometimes it’s hard to know where to donate your resources, your hard earned money or even sharing connections, links, phone numbers, contacts and other ways and means of delivering natural food and natural remedies to people in need of them most.

Life is meant to be lived enjoyably and healthy, but so many people get overwhelmed and sometimes devastated by natural events they have no control over, and this can be very sad. But we, as humans who have resources and compassion, can step up and help them get back to prosperity, safety, and happiness by donated some resources. Yes, it’s hard to give when you may not have a whole lot to give, but when you send the right kind of help through the right channels, it gets there, and people benefit, sometimes more than you ever knew or hear about.

Good luck and good karma come from giving. I am convinced of that. It’s time to make that difference, whether small or huge, and not look for a pat on the back or some award from some charitable organization that pays their “heads” big salaries but never really delivers the goods. It’s time to consider natural news and natural remedies for those in need of them most. Let’s make sure your help gets where it needs to go!

“Natural News has donated $10,000 to victims of Typhoon Haiyan, the superstorm that recently devastated the Philippines. Tens of thousands of people are believed to have died in the storm.” … “Tzu Chi Foundation is probably the best rescue organization on the planet. Nearly 100% of all donations go straight to victims in the form of food, blankets, emergency medicine and basic lifesaving supplies. If you’d like to join Natural News’ efforts, make a donation at the Tzu Chi Foundation website. All donations are tax deductible in the United States. Their Tax ID is 94-2952782.”

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Track natural news and the progress of the help that the Health Ranger is making sure is arriving in the Philippines! Now is the time and natural is the way. What can you give today so these people can get back on their feet, and the families who lost loved ones can eat right, sleep comfortably, and recover physically and emotionally from this? Ask the Health Ranger what else you can do. Find out here:

Read more about Mike Adams, the Health Ranger:

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Find out about Donations and Storable Food!


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