4.8 million policy cancellations nationwide due to Obamacare – but 4 people are signed up in Delaware!

Sick animals, sick people, welfare, war and dependency
All the healthcare.gullible site has been able to accumulate in 6 weeks is healthcare “data” – which means people plug in who they are, where they work, how much money they make, their bank account information, and their social security number, then they are processed by NSA, DHS and FEMA, but they cannot secure health care coverage. This is the abomination of the Obama nation forced to participate in sick care law, a way to keep the masses weak, subservient, and stupid. The state run exchanges have about 50,000 enrollees, but the federal exchange is still abysmal, and the White House still can’t prove one single person in this country has coverage via the healthcare.gump site.

HEALTHCARE.GUMP – A huge ponzi scheme

Have you ever gone on Amazon.com and put some stuff in your “shopping cart” but never bought it? Would you consider that a sale for Amazon? What if they charged your credit card for stuff you put in your cart but never bought, and there were no refunds, ever? What if you were fined if you didn’t put stuff in your shopping cart? This is how crazy Obamacare has become, in just six weeks, people who are shopping for rates and premiums are being counted by Obama as successful enrollees, and the big stooge Sebellius is testifying to Congress of the huge success and functionality of the site.

It’s just one big lie piled on top of the next. Want your premium to increase dramatically, then you should enroll! It’s a double edged sword, and most Americans are falling right on top of it. With or without fake enrollees, Obamacare will fail. So why try? Why give a corrupt government control of your personal data, your personal life? Why tell this corrupt administration about your family when they are the ones fighting a fake war, feeding everyone GMO food, and giving people with a chemical food disease (cancer) chemical medicine (chemo)?


Be smart. Do your homework. If you need to “get well fast” or you want “coverage” call your Naturopath Physician or ask a Nutritionist for advice. Mother Nature has the cure, the immunity building Superfoods, and the herbs your body wants to get well, stay well, and prepare for the upcoming financial, economic and political holocaust:


Check out this film: http://www.naturalnews.com/042295_Unacceptable_Levels_documentary_film_toxic_environmental_chemicals.html


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