“Knockout” – the “punch a stranger in the face” game turns into two gunshot wounds for assailant

If you hit someone square on the chin, or in an upward motion towards the brain, and you hit them hard enough, you can kill them. That is the “ultimate goal” of the knockout game, and it’s as if you “score more points” if you can pull it off. Also, if you punch someone in the nose straight towards the brain, really hard, that can kill them too. When the skull gets “rattled” – the brain shuts down, and then someone can hit the sidewalk or some steps and bust their head wide open on cement. Let’s talk about how “else” the knockout game can go wrong now.

Mixed martial arts is more popular than ever now, and a lot of teachers and ex-military are trained and trained well, whether it’s in JuJitsu, Tai Kwon Do or Submissions experts. These folks, men AND women, are trained to knock you out with one punch, or break your arm when you miss their face with your swing. Then there are off duty police, ex-cons, gun lovers and concealed carriers who keep their eyes open ALL day, always aware of their surroundings, paying attention to idiots who might try to sneak up behind them, or hop out of a van full of teenagers laughing and whispering, heading straight for them.

Some people show no mercy on “pranksters” – especially the ones who inflict injury, damage, or just create dangerous situations for laughs, and this situation of “knockout” is beyond just ominous or prone to mishap, this is mayhem prone to skull cracking and sometimes death, so anyone who KNOWS how to fight or SHOOT a gun and is carrying their “lethal” weapon, like a professional boxer or an Israeli commando might not think the upcoming prank is something they would like to be a victim of, and the victim becomes the “puncher”, the predator becomes the prey, and the idiots who go around trying to score points by punching innocent bystanders are the ones who end up six feet under, or in a hospital bed with a couple gunshot wounds, waiting for the Judge to lay down their sentence. Jail is no joke either, and the “dudes” in there love pranksters a whole lot, they set them on fire and make them do their “laundry.”

Natural News has real life coverage of this real life “game” and a perfect example of how it went horribly wrong, for the assailant!

“He went on to say that players usually liked to target crowds, because it made it easier to get away by losing yourself in a gaggle of people. He also said victims are completely chosen at random. They could be man or woman, young or old – it made no difference. Yet, he never thought that playing would nearly cost him is life and a year in jail.”

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/043091_knockout_game_concealed_handgun_teenagers.html#ixzz2mKKcAiFd



You could train your kids in Martial Arts. Get info from the Health Ranger here:

After all, self defense is your divine right!

Concealed carry means less violence; find out why:


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