Government control over emissions and all economic activity on the “horizon” – they call it global warming

Mass Media for Zombies

Can you see it? Can you see everything melting? Or is it freezing? Look, way over there – at the home of the brave and the land of the free, where everybody from Europe fled to in order to escape oppression and religious persecution. They found out the world wasn’t flat, and they sailed, across the Atlantic Ocean, to where their government or “King” couldn’t tax them heavily, tell them what to pray about, or bring doom and gloom to their family farm. Oooops. What happened? The land is flooding because the ice is melting in Alaska and at the North Pole, and all that water is flowing down the Round Planet, and the cities on the shorelines are falling into the ocean, and people are fleeing for high ground. Yes, and the ice is increasing too. That’s the really strange part. Food and crops are freezing over and all the people of North America are walking around on the ice, looking for their houses and their lost pets.

We need a government to step in, and control all this chaos. We need a BIG government to reach out its arms and save the masses from self-destruction that comes from global warming and global cooling. It has all besieged North America, mainly, and that’s really the only area where the people must vote for politicians who tax them heavily to pay for the reparations, the repairs to the weather and the crazy natural disasters that get worse every season, like hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis, floods, droughts, and of course, the mass freeze-over that’s taking place in North America right now thanks to global cooling. If the King of England were running things here, we could just make everyone pray for higher taxes to control this mess, and they could fix this nightmare we now know and believe to be global warming.

The Health Ranger has more to say on this mass phenomenon that the mass media has the masses totally believing, so they’ll accept the Big Arm of Government reaching into their pockets and taking control of their daily economic activity!
“Global warming marketed with doomsday predictions”
The global warming cultists are using the same kind of false science to spread fraudulent fear in order to sell something else: total government control over all emissions and, hence, all economic activity. If they can spread their doomsday theories far and wide enough, they can demand huge sums of money by forcing entire economies to pay “carbon taxes” which are nothing more than a high-level moneymaking scam.

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Want more proof global warming is a scam? Read this Natural News exclusive:

Global warming scam perpetuated by government, industry, and Wall Street – and taxpayers have been footing the bill!

And how about this:

Challenging the groupthink tendencies of mainstream society on any number of popular issues is sure to bring about plenty of mockery and ridicule, especially if you challenge the mainstream dogma of man-made global warming. But none of this phased Dr. Ivar Giaever, a former professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) and 1973 winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics, who recently resigned his membership from the American Physical Society (APS) over its errant position on global warming.

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