China’s Wal-Mart taints donkey meat with fox meat!

According to Natural News, Wal-Mart customers are enraged by the fact that their donkey meat was recently found to have “the DNA of other animals,” including fox. Wal-Mart made an apology and declared that they will compensate the customers who had purchased “Five Spice” donkey meat from them.
Babies dying from industrial chemical-tainted infant formula? Nearly 600 dogs died after having pet jerky treats made in china? “Gutter oil” that is scavenged from the drains beneath Chinese restaurants is used for preparing one of every ten meals in Chinese restaurants? Even rat meat sold as lamb meat? If you check out the news, you will likely find the number of issues increasing. China’s food and drug scandals are being interpreted as a House of Horrors checklist.
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Whether it is about mislabeling organic products or something about child labor scandals, Wal-Mart has been involved in all these. It was only in this year that the company has had to pay a penalty of about $80 million for disobeying EPA regulations and disposing hazardous waste improperly.
Almost 3.3 million hectares of Chinese farmland is too polluted to sow or grow any crop, as said by a Deputy Minister associated with China’s Ministry of Land and Resources. It has been estimated that almost 90% of the groundwater is contaminated, and because of this fact, Chinese people do not believe in buying bottled water. The Chinese media, academics and NGOs consider China as a home to over 450 “cancer villages.”
There is no limitation on how polluted the water is when it is sprayed on crops. Drained toxic products get mixed into the rivers and soil on which the Chinese crops grow. Finally, these foods are being consumed by the Chinese people, and some of them are being exported to other countries.
Although the USDA allowed the export of processed, cooked chicken from China to the US, the “certified organic” label finally came under inspection. The scrutiny was done when it was discovered that the USDA had been licensing organic certifiers to operate in China.


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