Vegan proteins examined closely by Health Ranger

Vegan proteins examined closely by Health Ranger – revealing industry’s cleanest hemp and sprout proteins! – Mike Adams is like a new FDA that does its job. Period. The Health Ranger is examining all kinds of food in the forensic food lab, and now proteins, which many vegetarians and vegans have the “inside track” on are being studied with the ultimate magnifying lens, a high powered microscope, and the findings are being published for free.

Check out the food investigation videos here:

Where do YOU get YOUR PROTEIN from? Do you eat meat with hormones and antibiotics from GMO fed animals that are slaughtered inhumanely in CAFOs – confined animal feeding operations? Are you afraid if you don’t eat MEAT you will not be getting enough protein? They lied to you. Big Food lied. Beef is not what’s for dinner. Milk doesn’t “do a body good” unless its organic and raw. Ooops. Cat’s outa the bag!

Get your amino acids and proteins from organic food. Learn about sprouts and hemp. Learn about kale and seeds. Don’t buy the “wrong” kind though! A lot of these companies add toxins to protein shakes and the cook ingredients til they’re dead!

A lot of products contain additives that are synthetic, even Aspartame and Sucralose to make things sweet and kept them “fresh” or soft longer. Many emulsifiers in foods ruin your digestive tract, make you feel ill or uneasy, and kill the nutrients your body would otherwise being able to find and actually utilize for strength and endurance. Instead companies take advantage of lax FDA rules, regulations and enforcement of what bare regulations DO exist, and that puts everyone at risk! Know the difference. Knowledge is power. The Health Ranger is empowering us with that information right now:

Mike Adams the Health Ranger’s info comes straight from the lab: “The really impressive result here is the Sproutein product from Sprout Living. To achieve an average lead composition of only 59 ppb is truly extraordinary for any kind of sprout product because sprout seeds themselves can contain lead.”

“What else is really fascinating about these vegan proteins is that most of them have fairly strong MCC numbers (Metals Capturing Capacity), meaning they are able to capture and bind with a quantity of toxic metals during digestion.”

“The hemp proteins seem to perform the best in this regard, showing good capturing potential for arsenic, cadmium, mercury and lead.”

Learn more:

Check out more food investigation videos here:


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