Metro City Parks doused with RoundUp chemicals, you can’t escape the “smog”

roundup ready
Trying to take a healthy lunch break, a walk in the park? Going to throw the Frisbee for the dog or go for a jog? Do you live in some big U.S. City where the park is your only get away, from the smog of traffic, big buildings and the cement city?

You may be breathing in pest killer and weed killer. Watch out. Move from the big city. Get out before you “drown.”

Manufactured by Monsanto, Roundup is routinely doused on public parks throughout New York City, sometimes hundreds of times throughout the year, while few are aware of what is taking place. Mother Jones’ Anna Lenzer reported a couple of years ago that, in 2011 alone, those who manage the Big Apple’s parks applied Roundup some 500 times throughout the year, the equivalent of about 12 bathtubs full of undiluted chemicals.

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