Water depletion – A serious concern. Act before it is too late!

According to Natural News, the largest underground freshwater supply in the world, stretching from South Dakota all the way to Texas, is being pumped dry. It provides crucial water resources for farming in Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and even New Mexico. Known as the Ogallala Aquifer, it is literally being sucked dry by the tens of thousands of agricultural wells that tap into it across the heartland of America.
This problem with all this is that the Ogallala Aquifer isn’t being recharged in any significant way from rainfall or rivers. This is so-called “fossil water,” because once you use it, it’s gone. And it’s disappearing now faster than ever.
In some regions along the aquifer, the water level has dropped so far that it has effectively disappeared — places like Happy, Texas, where a once-booming agricultural town has collapsed to a population of just 595. All the wells drilled there in the 1950s tapped into the Ogallala Aquifer and seemed to provide abundant water at the time. But today the wells have all run dry.
“There used to be 50,000 head of cattle, now there’s 1,000,” says Kay Horner in a Telegraph report. “Grazed them on wheat, but the feed lots took all the water so we can’t grow wheat. Now the feed lots can’t get local steers so they bring in cheap unwanted milking calves from California and turn them into burger if they can’t make them veal. It doesn’t make much sense. We’re heading back to the Dust Bowl.”
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Everybody is engaging in prepping now, in some way or another. Ever since Super Storm Sandy hit Jersey and wiped everyone living near the shoreline completely out, people realize what it means to be without electricity, food, drinkable water and fuel for weeks if not months. People are starting to buy generators, heirloom seeds, dozens of 5-gallon jugs of water, water purification kits, emergency kits, storable food by the pounds and organic soil, and they’re stockpiling cash on hand, because everyone knows that the big banks could all shut down on a “dime” – all on one big bad day.
But what if you’re prepping all wrong, you’re buying genetically modified storable food, you aren’t so good at indoor or even outdoor gardening, and it takes you too long to grow food, while some financial, economic and resource apocalypse strikes America, gas prices become unbelievable, grocery store shelves are cleared of all food, and people are panicking in the streets of every big city? What if you aren’t prepping right, and you have to rely on some local farmers to help you out? Do they know you? Do you know any farmers on such a personal basis that they would help you out?

Where will you get your water? What if there’s no internet? Do you have the right radio? What station will you tune into, CNN, the station that scripts all the staged events to keep you either frightened of terrorists that are “everywhere” or feeling safe when real tragedy is going down, like Fukushima, that they don’t talk about at all? Do you need to be storing organic supplements that will help your body heal from radiation poisoning, or poisoning from heavy metals, environmental toxins, chemicals in the water and other common problems when major disasters and tragedy strikes on a broad, long-term scale?
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