Natural News shares the 5 most important skills for saving your health from a world of toxic products

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Want the health basics 101 on taking care of yourself? Want to filter hundreds of toxins from your daily intake? Your skin is your largest organ too – so you need to look at every product your body “consumes” daily. Let me help lead you to the perfect research for this, and follow the Health Ranger for more insight. This is a reliable source for filtering carcinogens (cancer causing) ingredients from your life. Here we go:

The Health Ranger sums it up on Natural “You know why so many people suffer from preventable chronic disease in modern society? Because they don’t know how to protect themselves from a world that’s full of assaults against their health. Hour by hour, day by day, they are poisoned by toxic food ingredients, contaminants and additives. Their bodies absorb toxic chemicals from toxic personal care products and hazardous home building materials. Even the medical “treatments” they endure often cause them more harm than good.”

Five crucial skills:
1. Read ingredient lists and understand them
2. Listen to your body
3. Don’t trust all doctors
4. Be a skeptic of all pharma-funded media
5. Produce a good part of your own food

Are you ready? Start right now. Start reading the ingredients on everything, knowing that if you have questions about ingredients all you have to do is go onto and put the key words in the search box. Click the little search button and you will get a list of professional articles about the ingredient and ones similar to it. Read the headlines. Click on headlines and you will see the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, has published in depth research to help you understand how ingredients in food, drinks, medicine, herbs, tinctures, superfood, personal care products and more affect your body, whether good or bad. Then you will understand ingredients in what you use and consume and end the confusion. Natural News is the best health news website, hands down. The quality and depth of research is phenomenal and now the Health Ranger has a forensic food lab where he investigates food using microscopy at parts per million and parts per billion.

It’s time to listen to your body and question what you’ve been told or seen on TV. Are there drug ads in the back of your favorite magazines, you know, those drugs with horrific side effects that are worse than your condition? That means all the products advertised in that publication are influenced (and I mean that in the worst way) by the cartel drug industry. Even if they talk about something healthy, there’s a twist and a lie attached. Trust yourself. Do a little research where the research has already been done and the writers are straightforward with the health news and reality!

Learn more:


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