5 Steps to a healthy you! – Start the regime today!

According to Natural News, it is extremely important to know what all we are eating and how these different food items affect our body, because hour by hour, day by day, we are poisoned by toxic food ingredients, contaminants and additives. Our bodies absorb toxic chemicals from toxic personal care products and hazardous home building materials. Even the medical “treatments” we endure often causes more harm than good. Hence, it is important to know these five crucial skills for saving our health:
⦁ Read ingredients lists and understand what they mean
⦁ Learn to really listen to your body
⦁ Don’t automatically trust your doctor — he may be uninformed
⦁ Become a skeptic of all health information broadcast from Pharma-funded media
⦁ Learn how to produce a significant percentage of your own food
For more information, log onto:

Most people don’t read labels because it’s too much work or they don’t understand what all the chemical terms really mean. Ask intelligent questions and don’t be afraid to walk away and find yourself a new doctor who seems better informed.
It is also good to grow a part of one’s food items. Self-grown food is fresher, more nutrient-dense and more satisfying to eat. Plus, the very act of growing and harvesting food is, itself, extremely healthful. It’s time to listen to your body and question what you’ve been told or seen on TV.
To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the truth about crucial skills for saving our health and more, one can easily log onto:


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