Chinese Publishing Book Deal for “Don’t Eat Cancer”

Quit Smoking Naturally and Don't Eat Cancer


Don’t Eat Cancer, my new book, may be getting translated into Chinese, pending the contract that is overseas right now with 3 paperback books! Wish me luck. This is huge. Next will be Spanish! Go and Koehler Publishing!!!

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GMO MOUTHPIECE Jon Entine gets busted in court propagating poisonous defamatory literature and for repeated abuse of his family!

baby in jail

Abuse of wife and daughter at home, abuse of information at work – this is the story of a Biotech shill who just got busted for bad journalism and a bad marriage wrought with defamation, lies and domestic violence.

This Journalistic Fraudster caused the stock price of a company he tried to destroy plummet by $500 million. How?

This Journalistic Fraudster staged a company FDA violation and then reported it, then wrote about it, got paid to write about it, and you can bet some people made alot of money off the “news” – the BIG LIE. Why? Because it’s the biggest lies more likely to be believed, and if you used to be an ABC News Producer, you get some kind of automatic credibility in the masses’ eyes. If you write for, you’re supposedly reporting objectively the news that people want the inside scoop on, but not THIS GUY!

Why is this story going viral? Because it represents the most insidious form of twitsted information – the information that changes your buying habits to believing that genetically modified food doesn’t cause cancer. This story uncovers the truth about Biotech like Monsanto, who tries their best to miseducate our children about food and medicine, so they’ll be sick their whole shortened lives and be ringing like a cash register at the allopathic doctors’ offices and the superbug-ridden hospitals that fuel the ruthless, mafia-like, money-making Obamacare.

This Journalistic Fraudster, who abuses his wife and child as obviously revealed in court documents, also abuses the general public with studies that are full of lies, and research that’s not really research, and he tried and tried to tear down Natural News to no avail! This is a perfect example of why you should never rely on corporations to prove their products safe when there’s no checks or balances in place in the USA for food and medicine safety! You have to do your own research and make informed decisions, from the food you buy to the news you read, to the scientists watching out for your health to the ones who pose as journalists and are out to make MONEY off your ignorance and bad choices that they themselves influence. Here’s the full coverage on Natural News regarding the Biotech shill Jon Entine and his domestic violence and defamation lawsuits uncovered in court documents:

“An insidious master of defamation and character assassination”

One of Jon Entine’s behavioral patterns is to engineer wildly defamatory articles to be published in the media — including — knowing that those articles will likely result in him being sued. The following screen shot of the divorce documents reveals how Jon Entine caused the stock price of a company he sought to destroy to plummet by $500 million even as he was expecting to be sued for defamation. This is a company he reportedly sabotaged to stage a production floor violation that he then used to call the FDA to report the violation! Learn more:

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Biotech Shill full report and court docs as PDFs: writer exposed for Domestic Violence in Court Docs! Natural News Exclusive


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