U.S. government resorts to cover ups and puts unconstitutional pressure on Sheriffs

Natural News covers the revolution!

Natural News covers the revolution!

The U.S. was considered to be a free country and “state” by many, but now with the morphing situation, freedom seems to be a far-fetched idea on America soil. The U.S. government is relentless in its efforts to suppress the general people and push the state towards anarchy.

Natural News reports that the government is now threatening sheriffs with arrests if they uphold the Second Amendment. It is being seen by many as the government’s unending zeal to extend its authority even if it comes at the cost of the constitution of America.

28 out of 29 sheriffs in Utah have written a letter to the President!

It is now reported that the state of Colorado is soon going to pass a bill known as SB-13-013 which is designed to give Secret Service agents the authority to arrest local county sheriffs if they decide to support in favor of the Second Amendment. While the issue of gun control has already earned huge public criticism, such a move from the government would only work to worsen the situation. In all, 28 out of 29 sheriffs in Utah have written a letter to the President stating that they would stop federal agents from implementing laws that do not abide by the U.S. Constitution. It is clear that they are not going to let the Bill of Rights get breached in this way. More of this is at http://www.naturalnews.com/039841_sheriffs_Obama_administration_arrest_threats.html#ixzz2PybwEhtN .

Not only threats, but cover up tactics, have also become a “dear friend” of the U.S. Government. Natural News Reports that the government and especially the Department of Homeland Security has repeatedly tried to hide the fact that it was making bulk purchase of ammunitions that are only designed for suppressing some kind of mass revolt. According to the government, it was saving taxpayers’ money by making such a bulk purchase, but the facts and figures in the deal hardly support this claim. To know more of this, visit http://naturalnewstracker.wordpress.com/2013/04/06/natural-news-exposes-dhss-effort-to-cover-up-its-bulk-purchase-of-ammunitions/ .

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